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This is the site for the 2014 GovHack team who are visualising Public Transit Authority data in Perth Western Australia.
  • Can we visualise transit data to display actual journeys, rather than routes travelled?
  • Can we import PTA data into a database, and join it with Landgate and ABS data?
  • Can we do some analysis of the transit data?
  • Can we put the data onto Google Maps as heatmaps and paths?

In more detail:

GovHack is an annual event where hackers come together to create something using Government data. This team is one of several teams who are participating in Perth. The team consists of:

  • Adrian Smith
  • Onno Benschop
  • Tommy O'Dell
  • Keiran Thompson
  • Euan De Kock

We also have the support of Landgate and the PTA who are both supplying relevant data.

We're aiming to visualise tag-on/off data to show the actual journey a commuter makes using the Perth Transit system, rather than show the route to get there. Perth transit is based on radials which terminate in Perth. A cross-city commute will require that the person go into the CBD and then back out. We want to investigate if we can visualise if there are economic alternative routes that could be introduced to Perth.

Introducing the Team

Onno Benschop

onno@itmaze.com.au @owh - I want my contribution to GovHack to be something that lives beyond the weekend. We have this amazing opportunity to bring many skills together. People volunteer their time and effort and I think that if that benefits society as a whole, everyone wins. I've been wondering how bus data is analysed and I wanted to know why Perth didn't really have any cross-town bus services, other than the circle route. I hope that this weekend shows some routes that the PTA might consider implementing and that the project itself can be used with new data sets to continue the process of refining such insights.

Tommy O'Dell


I'm an electrical engineer slash born-again data scientist working on a Master's degree in stats. By day,  I work as an analyst at Rio Tinto Iron Ore in the planning and analysis space. I get to spend much of my time munging data in R and SQL, and visualising data in Spotfire and Tableau. 

I'm an organiser for the Perth Data Science Meetup.

Euan de Kock


I'm a general open source advocate, President of the Perth Linux Users Group (PLUG), and a programmer and database designer by day.

This is my first GovHack, and it's been a real eye opener. I came in offering to do anything, and ended up diving deeply in PostGIS, Python and SQL. I have learnt a lot and had a great time working with the team. The Perth Transport system is something I am keenly aware of, living up north and commuting regularly, so I quickly grasped what the team where trying to achieve and I think the whole team has resonated around a common understanding even though we all bring very different skills to the team.

Adrian Smith

fon@thefon.net @_fon

I'm a CTO and technologist at a local Perth retail analytics startup. My aim for this GovHack was to use open source technologies and open data to produce something meaningful and useful to both the public and government agencies. Also, to work with some fantastic team members and have great fun hacking something together, that will hopefully continue and be expanded. The PTA data and the help from all the mentors, including PTA and Landgate, has been awesome.

Keiran Thompson


I'm a data scientist and a self-taught R afficiando. I founded a startup after last year's govhack, and I see this govhack as an opportunity to trial some new machine learning techniques. I did my time in banking in London, and prior to that I worked as a quantum mechanic.